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Treasuring everyday

I’ve written quite a bit on my blog pages about how I feel about the importance of ‘tomorrow’ and ‘eternity’. The perplexing issue of living for the moment when we know that everything present soon becomes the past.

I think I should clarify – our present lives and relationships are ‘equally’ important. How we relate to one another, treat each other & spend time with each other – such that we can only grow stronger as time goes by.

Just don’t get lost in the present. Here are a couple of moments to be treasured by my family in January of 2016. Before Jerry enlisted and Daryl had a longer school holiday that January. Once again, a memorable trip – thanks to my sister for joining us as well.


Don’t underestimate the Lumix Panasonic camera. Used a Zeiss fixed lens though


Jerry & his grin. Seems pretty happy!


Also my dearest! Haha so many dears


My dearest

Always space for Burger & Lobster!

Dearest of the dearest 🙂