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Just had to put this page up for the sake of the picture (once Jerry showed it to me). Yes, this is my trusty Subaru WRX bought in 2006 and still alive & kicking. A black to blue colour change plus regular maintenance & a few modifications (none illegal!!).

It’s the car that brings back the most memories for my family – the best memories. Never could I ever imagine that Jerry would now take over driving it! Despite it being a hard ride, somehow, it’s the most comfortable & enjoyable –  both Chiao Lin & Daryl agreeing to that. It’s taken us to up to Penang twice!

Memories warm you up from the inside..…….” – Haruki Murakami. (Kafka on the shore).


Memories warm you up from the inside…

I just took half the quote from the book….’cos the book is just too abstract and the full quote is too much of a read! The half quote, so to speak, is just exactly  what I intend to portray.

Our memories are priceless & amazing….just made for us……

Picture credit: Jerry on his iPhone 8plus


An important part of our family over the last 7 years. She is special – ever so sensitive and loving. But tonight she decides to sleep indoors because of the thunder. She is very much afraid of large sounds. But do not be fooled. Tomorrow she may be out digging holes in the garden and burying Daryl’s socks. And on a lucky day, she would eat up the morning papers if she so decides.


An important part of the family. Happy, contented but always timid

 Every day in a life fills the whole life with expectations and memory – C.S. Lewis

Photo credit – Daryl on an iPhone 7


Unhappy with news. Wasn’t happy with the way Bishan SMRT team were blamed for MRT flooding

Trinity punt. Mathematical bridge in background. Almost got swindled by other punting companies. Good weather – another v memorable moment!

Taken in some MTR station in Hong Kong. I like this photo moment!