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Do Lunch

What do you mean by – we must “do lunch together” sometime? I usually get a little anti-social when simple acquaintances say we should meet up ‘more often’ when you haven’t seen each other for like 20 years and before that you had hardly spoken a few sentences with each other! I don’t really mean to be rude or arrogant but you know what I mean. And unfortunately I’m not quite a networking guy either.

Having said that, I’ve been doing lunch much more often than before. Even dinners! I’ve been enjoying great lunches almost daily with Chiao Lin!  Jerry and Daryl have been joining us pretty often as well, especially on weekends or public holidays.

Today was no exception – a wonderful 26 October 2017 lunch with family + Kwok Mun.

Lunch was at my favourite Vietnamese “Pho Street” outlet at Westgate Mall’s Basement #2. The reviews online are not that good but I would give it a 4 star anytime for taste! This is a casual outlet, I haven’t been to the others but there are quite a few around apparently. But I digress again. Food at West Gate’s “Pho Street” is excellent and under-rated. So back to doing a lunch…..

So, that’s the kind of lunches or dinner I like to ‘do’ these days. A simple, unpretentious and delicious meal with my dearest & most treasured friends.

No food pictures this time. Just a simple picture of me and Kwok Mun who is the king of doing lunches! hahah!


We both have a lot of ‘time’ on our hands these days for lunch! Zhong too busy in reservist! Desserts at “Miam Miam”


We even did lunch in Hong Kong! It was a great trip!