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Neurosurgery Partners


No Sweat Chicken Feet Haha All The Way (NSCFHHATW)

As always in life. Choose the right partner. I did. Only problem is – we never quite figured out if our Mantra was Chicken Feed or Feets?

Can someone please enlighten us.

Also, choose your right Kung Fu Master. Professor John Pickard whom I spent 2 years training with at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge from 2001-3. Best time in my Neurosurgery Career. Best time I had with my wonderful family of four as well.


with Professor John Pickard when he visited our clinic in Mt E Novena in 2016. Was honored indeed

Last but not least. Always do the right thing. Oh, one more thing ……………..

Lie Low and aim high! Gettid?? 😛