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Work friends

Perhaps one of the definitive periods of my life is when our family lived in Cambridge from 2001-3. Jerry & Daryl went to school there for 2 years while I was completing my Neurosurgery training. We had an excellent time and the experience opened my eyes to many things. Met many people and realised that Singapore isn’t as cosmopolitan as you think. Life abroad can be much tougher in terms of getting a job and living a life.

Ramez Kirolos is always a great friend. Umang Jash Patel is a neurosurgeon I respect – and if you think you have a difficult life / career, give Jash a shout and you know what a hard life can be.  Christopher Madden is still missing since the day he flew back to Texas – we were fortunate to escape injury when this crazy guy outside his apparent tried to kill with a sledge hammer, only in succeeding in breaking his car windshield.

Here are the pictures taken when I went up to Cambridge in January 2014 — think was for the RESCUE icp closing meeting.