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Teenage friends

Life can be strange. A small change in circumstance many a time leads to a huge life changing experience. For instance, I thought it was the end of the world when I didn’t get disrupted from the army to study medicine at NUS. This ‘last minute’ change (I was initially told verbally I was on the list of disruptees) eventually led to me meeting my dear wife. Because I had fallen back 2 years so to speak, I got to meet her at NUS playing varsity tennis. Wonderful! (Btw, she does not appear in the photos of this page)

Likewise, I remember thinking for a moment during my ‘O’ levels whether I should switch from ACSS to some other college like RJC which was just across the road where I lived then. (Very convenient). I am so glad I chose ACJC! I cannot even imagine myself now if I had got to some other junior college!

I would have never met some great friends who remain so today if not for ACJC.

“Steve [Jobs] proves that it’s OK to be an asshole… He just has a different OS.”
Guy Kawasaki

ROD year!

Taken at Seow Kheng’s 21st birthday. 1989

You can either cringe at the photos or pretend we were the coolest dudes around!

Here’s one from our year end D&D. We manage to have it at a hotel (Hilton??). The previous year was in the school auditorium due to bad student behaviour. I guess we were quite a good bunch! Hahah.


ACJC “Dinner & Dance” 1986. Actually there was no dance. Not allowed!