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While family is all that matters, friends – real friends are like family. They know who they are.

Childhood friends. The close friends that I grew up with are special. The relationship and bonds we have built are simple, lasting and deep. To my children, the lesson I learnt is that the friends you choose to make in your growing years are important – they help to shape your life.

JC friends. I single this out because my Junior College years were probably the most memorable years of my school life. I made some new friends in ACJC. Again, special friends.

Army friends. Unlike most of my classmates, I completed my National Service before University. Initially, I felt my world fall apart but it was a true blessing in disguise. My army experience groomed me for life. I made some good friends I would have otherwise never met.

University friends. Not quite the same as your childhood friends but nonetheless, I made some good friends as well :). Moreover, that’s where I met my wife!

Work friends. Again, I am fortunate. You usually do not make many good friends at work – but I am indeed blessed with quite a few good ones. It is usually difficult to forge close ties in adulthoood, but I have made quite a few genuine friends whom I can always depend on.

Tennis friends. This is a special group of friends, among which I am one of the youngest. They are like fathers to me.

New friends. Amazing how new friends have come into my life and this rather ‘later’ stage. They know who they are and have made my afternoons with Chiao Lin ever so meaningful – to be dearly cherished foreever.

Others. Please do not be offended if you do not fall into the above categories! The categories outline how I came to know many wonderful people. There are a few unique friends that cannot be categorised!!! For instance, the friends I made while in the UK…that’s another special group – a time of my life that is so important and dear to myself, Chiao Lin, Jerry & Daryl.


31/12/2011 - at Kwok Mun's house

31/12/2011 – at Kwok Mun’s house



BFF taken on 28/02/2015


With my 'old' friends

With my ‘old’ friends, taken June 2016

Daryl with our ‘new’ friends. Taken April 2017

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