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While family is all that matters, friends – real friends are like family. They know who they are.

Childhood friends. The close friends that I grew up with are special. The relationship and bonds we have built are simple, lasting and deep. To my children, the lesson I learnt is that the friends you choose to make in your growing years are important – they help to shape your life.

JC friends. I single this out because my Junior College years were probably the most memorable years of my school life. I made some new friends in ACJC. Again, special friends.

Army friends. Unlike most of my classmates, I completed my National Service before University. Initially, I felt my world fall apart but it was a true blessing in disguise. My army experience groomed me for life. I made some good friends I would have otherwise never met.

University friends. Not quite the same as your childhood friends but nonetheless, I made some good friends as well :). Moreover, that’s where I met my wife!

Work friends. Again, I am fortunate. You usually do not make many good friends at work – but I am indeed blessed with quite a few good ones. It is usually difficult to forge close ties in adulthoood, but I have made quite a few genuine friends whom I can always depend on.

Tennis friends. This is a special group of friends, among which I am one of the youngest. They are like fathers to me.

Others. Please do not be offended if you do not fall into the above categories! The categories outline how I came to know many wonderful people. There are a few unique friends that cannot be categorised!!! For instance, the friends I made while in the UK…that’s another special group – a time of my life that is so important and dear to myself, Chiao Lin, Jerry & Daryl. Not to mention, new friends….I’ve made some wonderful new fre


31/12/2011 - at Kwok Mun's house

31/12/2011 – at Kwok Mun’s house



taken on 28/02/2015


With my 'old' friends

With my ‘old’ friends, taken June 2016

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