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Mukbang – something less ‘serious’ than my last 2 posts!! Well kind of….

This picture is NOT Mukbang. It’s a wonderful meal my wife made for dinner tonight

Today, albeit a little late, I learn of a Korean phenomenon known as Mukbang
To cut a Long story short you can just watch this little video here. It’s in Korean but there are English subtitles. 

I can’t imagine it to be healthy. But apparently people record themselves eating vast amounts of food and:

Amazing but crazy! I prefer the simple dinner I had instead. A break from my usual posts. 

I just want my wife’s delicious food! 


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Dualism – Goodness & Badness

cs lewis1

Dualism – C.S. Lewis

I do have trouble reconciling this ‘broken’ & ‘fallen’ world that we live in. The latter often used in mainstream Christian doctrine to explain sin, pain, suffering, badness & brokenness. Here is to me, a better understanding to pain and suffering…………….

C.S. Lewis talks about Dualism and this makes much more sense to me. However, it doesn’t make biblical sense to many. For me, it brings a better understanding to the question of the original sin and as to why we seem to suffer incrementally or perhaps ‘disproportionately’ as a result of 1 man’s wrong doing. 

I don’t believe it necessarily negates an Omnipotent God. Why should it?

Thus, If I were to quickly paraphrase this – Goodness & Badness – the 2 powers or spirits / gods are thought to have existed from eternity. Calling things good and bad is calling this in its right relation to the one real & ultimate Creator God. The opposite would be in the wrong relation to Him.

In other words, if I were to ask you a simple question – Is pleasure, money, power, good looks et cetera good or bad things? They are essentially good things. The badness comes essentially in pursuing them by the wrong method or in a wrong way.

Evil / wickedness comes from the pursuit of good things the bad / wrong way.

So I start to begin to understand why the devil there is a fallen angel. Hopefully more of that on a another day. 


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Silence – Shusaku Endo

Highly recommended read – especially for those who stand firmly of many blessed promises

Silence (沈黙 Chinmoku) is a 1966 novel of historical fiction by Japanese author Shūsaku Endō, published in English by Peter Owen Publishers. It is the story of a Jesuit missionary sent to 17th century Japan, who endures persecution in the time of Kakure Kirishitan (“Hidden Christians”) that followed the defeat of the Shimabara Rebellion. The recipient of the 1966 Tanizaki Prize, it has been called “Endo’s supreme achievement” and “one of the twentieth century’s finest novels”. Written partly in the form of a letter by its central character, the theme of a silent God who accompanies a believer in adversity was greatly influenced by the Catholic Endō’s experience of religious discrimination in Japan, racism in France, and a debilitating bout with tuberculosis. 

This  piece of historical fiction should really be studied by fortunate “Christians” as it is about reality,g truth and even the present. 

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Duran Duran – What happens tomorrow

Duran Duran

Featured in the 2004 album Astronaut & released In January 2005.

duran duran

Favourite band!

We’ve got to believe It’ll be alright in the end (Nobody knows) You’ve got to believe It’ll be alright my friend


Child, don’t you worry
It’s enough your growing up in such a hurry
Brings you down, the news they sell ya
To put in your mind that all mankind is a failure
But nobody knows
What’s gonna happen tomorrow
We try not to show
How frightened we are
If you love me, I’ll protect you
However I can
You’ve got to believe
It’ll be alright in the end
Fighting because we’re so close
There are times we punish those who we need the most
Though we can’t wait for a saviour
Only got ourselves to blame for this behaviour
And nobody knows
What’s gonna happen tomorrow
We try not to show
How frightened we are
Would seem lonely
If you were the only
star in the night?
You’ve got to believe
It’ll be alright in the end
You’ve got to believe
It’ll be alright again
Time is a ribbon, a silent icy river (froze us all)
Running deep, deep and fast
Enough to get lost down in the flow
Crashing around
These tiny lives mean everything
And nobody knows
What’s gonna happen tomorrow
So don’t let go
Now we’ve come this far
Hold my hand please
Understand me
You’re never alone
We’ve got to believe
It’ll be alright in the end
(Nobody knows)
You’ve got to believe
It’ll be alright my friend
Da, da, da, da
And yes we believe
It’ll be alright again
(Nobody knows)

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Meals together 

Always important to have meals together with the family. Wonderful lunch on a public holiday with Jerry & Chiao Lin. Pity Daryl wasn’t free because of her studies but that’s ok cos she already spends so much time with me. 

My favourite “Song Fa” Bak Kut Tei at Jurong Easy Mall. 

Pickled vegetables, “Yu Tiao” / “Yao Zhar Guai” / Fried Dough Sticks, Pork ribs, Small intestines, Liver and tea. Yum. 

What can I say but yummy

Bak Kut Tei & tea. Nothing like it.

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Historical evidence for the Christian Faith

To be dismissive and claim that the Bible is a collection of fairly tales and ‘Chinese whispers’ is becoming more pervasive today.

Here is a 2015 lecture by Dr Peter Williams on how it is actually not quite so. It’s quite a lengthy video, but do find some time to watch it.

Trust, faith and rationality & good sense actually makes good evidence for both the Old the New Testaments.

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Thought we had it all figured out!

Just when we thought we knew, understood and discovered all the physical structures in the human body. Scientists always believed there was no lymphatic drainage system in the brain.

Here is quick note to show its no longer the case. Textbooks probably need to be re-written.


once clueless!

Alas, lymphatic vessels have been now discovered in the brain. Something never expected. Another example of how we are always clueless and yet somehow think we are not!