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Regarding Miracles – a brief history of Cessationism

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I am halfway reading thought C.S. Lewis’s book – Miracles. I have come to realise that the many questions we ask today in the 21st century are not new. People have been debating about it for decades & centuries. We might think that our forefathers were less informed decades today – and that knowledge and science have advanced so much that we are smarter & therefore correct in our thinking.

Miracles, healing & creation / existence. Same old questions but many today thinking that we have the answers in already in the year 2017!

Nothing can only be further from the truth I believe. Because today, we remain none the wiser.

Regarding miracles, this is worth a read: A Brief History of Cessationism. The article is from TGC – The Gospel Coalition.

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One thought on “Regarding Miracles – a brief history of Cessationism

  1. CS Lewis’ book deals with the philosophical issues, I think. And I think there is plenty of evidence of plausible healing miracles today, even if we cannot be sure about individual cases. I think cautious belief in miracles is the best approach.

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