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Dualism – Goodness & Badness

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Dualism – C.S. Lewis

I do have trouble reconciling this ‘broken’ & ‘fallen’ world that we live in. The latter often used in mainstream Christian doctrine to explain sin, pain, suffering, badness & brokenness. Here is to me, a better understanding to pain and suffering…………….

C.S. Lewis talks about Dualism and this makes much more sense to me. However, it doesn’t make biblical sense to many. For me, it brings a better understanding to the question of the original sin and as to why we seem to suffer incrementally or perhaps ‘disproportionately’ as a result of 1 man’s wrong doing. 

I don’t believe it necessarily negates an Omnipotent God. Why should it?

Thus, If I were to quickly paraphrase this – Goodness & Badness – the 2 powers or spirits / gods are thought to have existed from eternity. Calling things good and bad is calling this in its right relation to the one real & ultimate Creator God. The opposite would be in the wrong relation to Him.

In other words, if I were to ask you a simple question – Is pleasure, money, power, good looks et cetera good or bad things? They are essentially good things. The badness comes essentially in pursuing them by the wrong method or in a wrong way.

Evil / wickedness comes from the pursuit of good things the bad / wrong way.

So I start to begin to understand why the devil there is a fallen angel. Hopefully more of that on a another day. 



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