The prestigious Gifford Lectureships were established by Adam Lord Gifford (1820–1887), a senator of the College of Justice in Scotland. The purpose of Lord Gifford’s bequest to the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews and Aberdeen was to sponsor lectures to “promote and diffuse the study of Natural Theology in the widest sense of the term—in other words, the knowledge of God”

A very good friend of mine shared with me this series of lectures by Michael Rae. – “Though the Darkness Hide Thee: Seeking the Face of the Invisible God“. To say the least, it is an exhausting series of 6 lectures to listen to (scroll down the page and you will find the lectures).  Click here to listen to Michael Rae’s first lecture.

“Warning” – while they are difficult lectures to sit through, give it a try and listen to some of it. Especially in the recent few decades where the Theists are being criticized as being ignorant, illogical, insane and unreasonable.

Professor Rea plans to take a theologically informed approach to the topic of “divine hiddenness,” the idea that God’s existence is far less evident—and vivid, unambiguous experience of God’s presence is much less frequent—than one might expect from a perfectly loving deity. Philosophers often treat divine hiddenness as evidence that God doesn’t exist, but according to Professor Rea that line of thinking is based on drawing parallels between divine love and human love. In his lectures, he will contend that it is not reasonable to believe that perfect, divine love would resemble human perceptions of ideal parental or romantic love…..