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Purpose for everything

It’s often said that there is a purpose for everything. It’s so very difficult to find a purpose in my present situation – but each time I lose faith,  I have to look around myself… family, my wife, my children, my friends – old, new, some ‘lost’ and some recently reacquainted….

There has to be a loving God and a purpose.

Prov 16:1-Prov 16:3 NASB The plans of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, But the Lord weighs the motives. Commit your works to the Lord And your plans will be established

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Secret to Happiness?

A good friend of mine shared with me this article. It’s an article worth reading. Below is a quote…:

Rich people in the West, they have not touched dead bodies, fresh wounds, rotten things. This is a problem. This is the human condition. We have to be ready for the moment we cease to exist

I often hear others say that life is short, live it like there is no tomorrow. A friend’s tag line reads – you only live once, live young. I beg to differ.

Are you ready to the moment you cease to exist? Are you sure?

Well, this article says that people in Bhutan are among the happiest on earth. I haven’t been there to verify but friends who have visited say they truly are. CNN plus Wikipedia lists other countries as the top ten.