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King Solomon

It struck me this morning, that King Solomon’s story is so relevant to us in today’s modern world.

To all my friends – agnostic, atheists or theists, this is a story that is worth reading and thinking about. In our every increasing materialistic world, where pleasure and luxury are our constant goals, King Solomon’s downfall is a strong reminder of how we should not lose the plot. Continue reading

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Life’s purpose & meaning

Love. Relationships. Values. Purpose & meaning. These to me are reasons & evidence that point to a Creator. The alternative would be that these constitute the highest form of biochemical interaction from nothing.

I have been reading “God’s Not Dead” by Rice Broocks. A good read. An excerpt from page 122….Because God exists life has meaning and purpose. The logical reasoning would be the following:

1. If God does not exist, life has no ultimate purpose or meaning.
2. Life has ultimate meaning and purpose.
3. Therefore God exists.